A Stranger, A Strange World, And A Few Golden Dew Drops

I know the title is a bit too long, but then I wanted to convey my thoughts through it. Long time ago, I had a heard a song by Cat Stevens, “It’s a wild world”, which looks so true. This world is dangerously wild in its ways, and over the time strange too.

It is just not Bolt, who is trying to beat and better his 100 m race records, but we all are in some short of 100 m race. Trying to outrun our fellow being, we seem to be loosing the basic fundamental of life’s principle: Being Human.

Gone are the days when we loved dancing in the rains…oops, that not be a true reason for everyone. Children’s love rains since it calls for a rainy day holiday; sometimes. But the point is we have stopped enjoying the small things in our race to materialistic excellence. These days, we love to crib…and no matter how hard you deny this fact, but somehow down the heart you know it is true. So tell me when did you last enjoyed seeing a rainbow or the dew drops on the leaves…When? Searching your memory, like you search Google, trying to bring back those pages or times?

Now someone might say, buddy you are getting philosophical. Am not sure of that, but as I said these are the lines from my heart, and if this is a tad philosophical how does it harm, if I  am able to ignite a single soul again about the wonderful things around us and how to live them and love them….

So what am I trying to say…nothing, but yet something we all know and want…LIFE and LIVING!


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