Budget Airlines, but why budget smile?

Whenever I travel alone, I fly a budget airline. The bottom-line is that it saves a lot of money. There are although many secondary reasons but I will not go in to all of those here on this page. Recently, I fly this budget airlines to fly to the home country (India), and I had this great experience: when you travel on a budget, everything is budgeted for you 🙂

Now why am I saying so. Because I feel that even though it is a budget airlines it does not mean you cannot give a Julia Robert or a Madhuri Dixit smile (atleast try). The air-hostesses were really miser on giving a service with a smile. First I thought it must be to do with one, who must have forgotten to brush her teeth. But soon my assumptions crashed, as I found all of them finding it so difficult to service the passengers with a smile. Is that so hard, or is it that we have decided to fly a low-cost airline entails us to no-smile. Whatever maybe the real reasons, but I feel that it is not about low-cost of a high-cost airline service that builds brands, but it is the people who provide the service right from the time you take your boarding pass to the time to disembark…Just a small gesture goes a long way in building a great brand. And let me add that I am not undermining the infrastructure and other mechanical stuffs associated with any airline company, but trying to underline the human-ness that brings joy and pleasure of flying for all those passengers who have flown (or fly) low-cost airlines.


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