The Immortals of Meluha – Book Review

Faith and Mythology has always been a big hit with Indian audiences, and when you add a dose of fiction/fantasy to the plot, you have a book called “Immortals of Meluha.”  The author, Amish, does a wonderful job in creating the characters, who we all know and worship but now we see them in a new light, which is so very human. It makes you feel that this might be real, and although certain facts are so true, the rest is a wonderful sketch from the mind of an artist, who is highly imaginative and creative.


We all have seen the success of Dan Brown books, for instance The DaVinci Code was actually translated in to a movie and it again proved the fact that faith and religion always goes well with public. We all love to know about History (His/Her + Story), and if you can mix the right dose of fantasy you have a best-seller.

The book is part of the trilogy the author would be writing. The first installment, The Immortals of Meluha, is getting to know that Supreme Being called Shiva. His destiny brings him to Meluha, a land of the righteous people governed by the Suryavanshis. His fight against the Chandravanshis, and later his enlightenment by a Pandit about what is considered as evil and what is not. The job of a leader, of a God is not to destroy evil, but to identify it, recognise it.

The good thing about the book is the social and political message it puts across. All the theories and justification are so apt for all ages, and this makes it even more thought-provoking than just another book on the shelf.

Adding a video clip about the book, which the author and his team created for the launch.


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