Aa Ante Amalapuram!!!

Year 2004, I was working in Syntel and it was around this time that I came across quite coincidentally across this foot-tapping number, Aa Ante Amalapuram. Apart from my mother tongue, Bengali, the other two languages which form a part of my growing up years are Telugu and Malayalam; all courtesy goes to my two best childhood buddies: Subbu and Sudeep. So yes, I have also seen a lot of Chiru, Nag, and Venky. And as they say, music is universal and language is not a barrier since it touches your heart.

Coming back to the song, I am not very sure about the meaning…maybe one of these days someone will post a research paper on this song, but it surely makes you feel like dancing. The best part is that I have heard this song been played at Marathi and Gujarati weddings as well.

And how did I thought of writing the post today…ah thanks to Bigg Boss Season 4. This morning the song was played as a morning alarm for the inmates to wake up and it brought back all the memories of Sei Din (Those Days in Bengali)…My dear friend Rama,Kris ….and New Jersey.

I thought of posting this song, but then the daring pelvic gyrations just fizzled the dare part out of me. Not that it is vulgar, but since it is the song and not the picturization that matters,better listen (click the link) and swirl.

Aa Ante Amlapuram


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