Innocence of a Child: Father’s Envy, Mother’s Pride

If you have got a tad confused with the title, I take the blame for it. It might not be one of my best titles, but then when you are writing while traveling in a bus, your thoughts are broken each time the bus stops. But then, title is just part of the story and not the story:)

As a parent myself, I have realized that parenting is a ever learning curve with each passing day. And in this parenting journey, the Mother’s role is like someone running a 100-meter sprint hurdle. They have to be fast, see the hurdles in their way, navigate them and reach the goal. The goal is off-course the same for all parents: to bring up a child in to a beautiful human being. The Father’s role I assume is more like a catalyst in the parentage reaction; maybe like the wind that helps the runners in their sprint. And yes, that role is important as well. But then it is the day to day activities of a child, their expressions, their wise and innocent talks that often Father’s miss that made me say Father’s Envy and Mother’s Pride.

Just to add wind or wings to my above explanation , here is a small piece of conversation between my daughter (Ridhima) and my wife and Ridhima’s mother (Pampa).

Pampa: What is your name?
Ridhima: Ridhima Roy

Pampa: Papa’s name
Ridhima : Nabayan ( she pronounces it as Neb-be-yen) Roy

Pampa: Mama’s name
Ridhima : Pampa Roy

Pampa: Very good, Ridhima

Then Ridhima asked, “Friends”

So, Pampa asked, “OK, friends name”

And now came the million-dollar answer and a million-dollar moment of Chomsky innocence.

Ridhima replied, ” Mickey Mouse Roy and Pocoyo Roy.”

As they say, such moments are priceless and for others you have VISA/MasterCard/AMEX, whatever you name it.

How I wish I was there at that moment when she said those words; I envy Pampa. But then as a father, I gave wind to that wonderful Mother-Daughter moment, writing a blog page. So anytime, I want to have my share of laughter in times of frustration and gloom, reading it will bring that smile on to my face.



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