The Naked Truth

At the onset, I would like to state this one is not entirely my original writing and the copyrights for this rests with whomsoever wrote this beautiful piece of  satire. Secondly, I would like to apologize to my Gujarati friends. It is purely an unintentional mention, since it is widely assumed that these guys have one of the sharpest business minds. The last few days have seen the global stock markets doing a “tandav” (the Cosmic dance of Lord Shiva) and this has again brought the fears of another recession. The last time, we saw some of the big names in the banking sector in the US go bonkers, and already there are a few names up in the air, this time. So this piece is a wonderful summary of why it happened, since we know that IT HAPPENED ONE DAY…

A naked and drunken woman boards a cab in London. Driver of the cab, a Gujju (people of Gujarat, india), keeps staring at her and does not start the cab.
Naked Woman: Haven’t you seen a naked woman before?
Gujju: Cool down. I am not staring at you. I am just wondering where you have kept the money to pay me?

Moral: This is what most of the American banks failed to do. Assessing the repayment capacity before enjoying exposure.


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