Finding Your Best Route

As we approach our annual trip to India for this year, I was just doing some searches on Google trying to find out some optimized route for destinations we have planned to visit in our forthcoming trip to India. I came across few travel Websites in India, which had a trip planner tool. But, when I tried calculating the time, distance, and mode of transport, I was not quite happy with the result. For example, when I typed Kolkata to Gangtok; the result showed that the fastest way to reach the destination would take me approx. 15 hours (14 hrs. 50 mins). Since, I come from the Eastern part of India, I am little better in my direction sense between major towns in the East. I was surprised why the search did not show Bagdogra as the interim stopover before heading to Gangtok.

Hence, I went back to Google and was trying some more search combination, when I came across the quarterly result for Makemytrip. And there, I saw that the company has recently launched a new service for its customers; route planning tool/Website: RoutePlanner. Launched in Beta, the patent-pending product enables a user to trace the distance, time of travel and cost of moving between two destinations via various transportation modes including a mix of flights, trains, buses, as well as cabs/private cars. This tool is quite helpful especially when you have to chart out your trip and find the most optimal way both in terms of cost and time when travelling between tier II and tier III cities in India. And I tried doing the same search and this time, the results were satisfying and more accurate:

And the best part is that you can have the route e-mailed to you in portable document format (*.pdf) for your reference apart from the pricing details for flights and trains. Happy vacations!


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