The Journey Completes 8 Years…My Musings on Marriage

Writing a blog post after a very long time, but the time of this blog post is just right—in four days, Pampa and I celebrate our journey that began 8 years back when we took our marriage oaths in front of the holy fire. The day was 19-Jan, 2006 and the place was Kolkata (previously or rather famously called Calcutta). It has been an amazing ride with its own share of ups and downs much like the roller coaster rides where we are screaming on top of our voice because we are kind of experiencing so many emotions like fun, fear, joy, sense of bravery, a faint feeling of toppling down, and then finally the sense of relieve and happiness. Marriage is much like that and I strongly believe that it is the ride that makes it interesting and helps the bond get stronger.

I met Pampa 9 years back in Mumbai (previously called Bombay) and we dated for a year before we took our vows as husband and wife. And yes, we had what I called a mutually arranged love marriage.  When I look back, I see how time has flown so quickly. It looked just the other day when I use to travel from Pune to Mumbai—hitch hiking a ride on the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway and to reach Mumbai on Friday evenings. And how can I forget the good old Mumbai local—it is an amazing experience and the 5 years that I have stayed in Mumbai I have loved my journeys more than I have hated it on the Mumbai locals.

Back to my soul mate, Pampa and I are so different in our likes. Coming from a defense background, she is an organized person and loves to see things around her to be organized. I, on the contrary love chaos. Marriages take work, not just a bit of part time work but it really is a full time job, to live with one person for the whole of your life; understanding each other and then following the common road where both meet and agree to move with a common goal. We both know that we are not perfect, but with each passing year we have grown to see each other’s imperfections, perfectly. Pampa is a powerhouse of talent—dancer, painter, and a great cook. And the best part is now she has made her passion into her profession. She paints and conducts art classes for children. As she says, Art is her Utopia and every time she draws a new painting she adds a new touch of color in to my life. The last year has been one a tough one for me and my family—I lost my Mother and although she is not with us physically; her memories walk with me and all of us and guides me as a Pole Star. And in this tough time, Pampa managed the whole household single-handedly. She was a like a pillar to a son who has lost her Mother; a support to her father-in-law who had lost his wife. I can never thank God enough for his blessing in the form a girl who occupies the deepest part of my heart, Pampa. I love you, girl!!!


And in this wonderful journey, we got the most precious gift when we were blessed with a daughter, Ridhima. She turned 5 this year. And needless to say, she is the cynosure of our eyes.

So, congratulations to both of us for making it so far—you make my life so much better, you support me (in your own way) you make me laugh, you make me feel like the most handsome man in the world and make me believe that together we can get through anything in life.

Let me wind up this post by quoting Robert Browning, ““Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, The last of life for which the first was made.”


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