The Other Side of the Story – A Little Dark and Dangerous

The honey-cane is just around the corner and almost all the places that I see is touched with a brush of red, if not painted by the color, already. After all, didn’t a wise man say, “Red is Life”, and I must agree that it is indeed a beautiful sight—guys wearing red colored shirts and the girls holding their much deserved red roses. And not to be left behind, even the kids are carrying red-colored balloons. The air is moist, the heart is tipsy, and the mood is swinging to the pied piper’s tune.  Happiness is—to love, and to be loved. Indeed!

But hold on, Valentine’s Day is not all romantic and mushy. Didn’t they say everyone has a dark side? So it isn’t different with Valentine’s Day, as well. Love…it comes in different shapes and sizes, and means so many things to so many people. And for some, it comes as a broken heart syndrome. And before you start to think anything, here is the Internet description for this syndrome: Broken heart syndrome occurs during highly stressful or emotional times, such as a romantic breakup, death of a spouse, serious medical diagnosis or significant financial problems. Symptoms can easily be mistaken for a heart attack.

A quick Google search underlines the fact that Valentine’s Day has the highest suicide rate every year. It is indeed a supercharged emotional day. Many people—in schools and offices, find it difficult to handle their emotions when they witness that the roses are being delivered to the person sitting next to them.

And with spring just around the corner; the feeling of being partnered and in love is just natural. So, for all those in love; here’s wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and those still in search—hold on to your swinging heart for a little more time; love is a masterpiece and yours may be just in the making.


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