Letter to a Daughter

From a ‘toddler’ to a ‘young girl’ in the blink of an eye.  Today, our daughter, Ridhima, turns seven. Where did the time go? Pampa and I sat down last night and were talking about how quickly the time has flown by. On this date, seven years ago, at 1.07 pm, the nurse put a 2.85 kg baby girl in my arms and my entire life changed. I became a father – Ridhima’s father. Pampa at this time was heavily injected with anesthetic drugs, but even in her semi-conscious state, she asked me, “How is she?”, and I said, “Like a star, shining brightly in our life now”.   And now that Ridhima can fluently read and write, it only seems fitting to write this letter/post for her.

It has been a wonderful journey for us as parents in these seven years—we have experienced all the emotions; from the first time you crawled to the first step you took; the first word you spoke to your first day in school; the times you were naughty and the times when you were upset and the times when you laughed out loudly and the time when you showed how kind you are as a human being. We are so very proud of this sweet little girl of ours.


On your seventh birthday, we as parents, wish that you find something you love, have dreams, and goals, be kind to others, and follow the truthful path in your life and we want you to know that we are always there to help you follow and achieve them.

We want you to build long-lasting friendship because it’s your friends who help you through your hard times in life.

We want you to be always curious, just as you are today, and question everything around you—what you read and what you learn because curiosity improves learning and a learned mind can do wonders in this world.

When we watch you dance, read, swim, sing, sleep or play we are overwhelmed with love for you.  We will never lose these precious moments; they are forever captured through our eyes and stored in our hearts.

Our heart beats for you and our life is lived for you.  There is no better title than being your Mother and Father and no better life than the one where we get to call you our daughter.

Happy 7th Birthday Ridhima Roy.



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