The Last Bench: A Student’s Paradise

One of the most common myths about last bencher’s are either they are not so bright in studies (or hate to be noticed) or they are the mischief-mongers. Is it really true??? I doubt.

For all those who have, once in their student life, enjoyed the privileges of being a last bencher; it is nothing less than a paradise. Many a times students are made to sit on the last bench because they are the taller guys/gals in their class. At other times, it is that guy (or gal) who is always immersed in his (or her) book, who loves to be noticed all the time takes up the first bench.

So what are the benefits of being a last bencher in school. Countless I would say. Most of the time you are out of the eye-radar of your teacher:) You can have your own space, create friends circle there (all those Google Circles and Facebook friend circles ideas actually happened here) and have your opinion on all things taught in the front. You can open your tiffin and eat before the break (what fun…) or play a game at the back or paint the desk or wall (true artists are born in the last bench, I believe). And then who can forget those air-missiles (paper missiles ) that are launched from the back benches. First benchers are assumed to be the intelligent lot who mostly mug up things and wish to get higher grades, their sole purpose is to outperform others without having choice of their own. But that does not mean that back bencher’s are duffers. Nopes. Infact, the best part is when you have a back bencher scoring more marks in Mathematics than a front bencher; you can see the traumatized faces of the front benchers…as if someone played a cruel joke on them…Hahahah.

In Engineering college, the last bench is a prized seat 🙂 You don’t get it so easily. The number of intellectual students tend to increase and last benches are more in demand. Last ones get filled first & then the first ones, unless the lecturer is pretty looking lady. Even in engineering college, the advantages of being a back bencher are immense…you have the whole time and space at your hand. For example, if you are sitting in the Economics class, and your mind is just not there, but still you have to be physically present and listen, there you have the last bench coming to your rescue. You can easily finish your Microprocessor assignment without the slightest knowledge of your Economics lecturer. And all you have to do is keep nodding from time to time…BTW, this is an art, and with time only you get to master it 🙂 You can keep staring at your girl whom you like and just enjoy the time passing by watching her ( your mind singing Phil Collin’s “Another Day in Paradise”) . I told you, the last bench is a paradise.

Young children’s are often told to sit in the front benches, as if there is some direct correlation between the first bench and successful person in life/being intelligent/excellent. But that is not the case…if benches were the benchmark for success we would not be having those many great minds who have lived on this planet. I am sharing a video to advocate my theory. The bench does not matter, what matters is the mind, ignite that with rich innovative thoughts and ideas and you will see/make the difference.


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